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CONGRATULATIONS to our member ABIGAIL CRUZ for passing the MCP examination recently (May 2009) with 100% marks. FCC is very proud of you.


Also to other MCP passers (May-Jun 09)
- Paul Brian
- Mark Anthony
- Liesel  Fortefaez
- Willy Aparicio
- Gerald Bungabong

Congratulations to MCP (Microsoft Certified Professionals) passers from FCC's Network Admin Class (Oct-Dec Batch)


Dennis Serrano

Febie Boy Villarino

Russel versoza

Jayson Francisco

Jose Carlo Pentar

Gomercindo Payanay Jr.

Rico de Mata

Ismael Flores

Angelito Malilay

 Registration Day    
FCC Registration & Activities - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

 To Our Fellow kabayans:


The Filipino Computer Club's activities and trainings are currently on hold as per the new licensing requirement of the Community Development Authority of Dubai (CDA).  As we are operating inside the U.A.E. we are bound by these laws and are strictly following all procedures for the licensing requirements.


We shall announce any developments through this website and hoping to see you all soon and share the knowledge of computing and personality development as what FCC has done in the past 18 years.


We thank you for your continuous support to the Filipino Computer Club.


Reference news:


FCC Top Members -






Magician in a corporate suit

Jijie Zablan

Founder: Filipino Computer Club


Filipina engineer Milagros "Jijie" Zablan is sometimes described as a magician in a corporate suit. Founder of volunteer group Filipino Computer Club (FCC) in Dubai in 1996 to render free weekend computer lessons to fellow Filipinos, she has touched the lives of thousands, including many domestic workers.


She started off with 10 "students" from the Philippine Institute of Chartered Accountants (PICPA). "Their leader asked me to train their members on Microsoft Excel. So we struck a barter: I will train their members for free and, in turn, they would also help me train other Filipinos learn what I taught them."


Since then, volunteers have given computer lesson to more than 31,000 people in Dubai and other emirates. She is the director of consultancy firm Great Minds Network, but it's her passion for volunteer work that makes a big difference to others.


Recently, she has started a free motivational class to help distressed housemaids. "We'd like them to rediscover their inner strengths enough to forgive completely and take on the challenge of turning their lives around … because attitude is everything."


Jijie says: "When you lift up something up to God and commit that you will do what it takes to achieve your goal, consider it done."


She lives by her motto: "I am at my best, when I bring out the best in you."



Our Location -

The mother of all clubs, the first Filipino Organization founded in 1996 dedicated to help our fellow kababayans in their IT skills and personality development.  For more than 17 years the club has trained more than 36,000 Filipinos. 



This tuition-free computer skills upgrading programme is conducted under the auspices of the Philippine Consulate General, Philippine Overseas Labor Office and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.



Got Questions? 

Reach us through:


Hotline:  055 883 1639 - William

           050 505 7097 - Lourdes



FCC Goes on Air at Dubai Eye 103.8 FM

The Filipino Computer club will be on air at Dubai Eye 103.8 FM this week with Daddy Bluebird




 FCC in Star Studio    
FCC Dubai - Star Studio Mag - Wednesday, January 12, 2011



The Filipino Computer Club Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Fourteen Years and Beyond

By: William Caraan


The Filipino Computer Club of Dubai and the Northern Emirates is the first and the longest running Filipino organization in the Emirates.  FCC Dubai is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization whose mission and vision is to help our fellow Filipino Expats achieve computer literacy and excellence in the fields of Information Technology and Personality Development.  It was founded by Eng Jijie Zablan in 1996 and was headed by her sister Eng Cherry Pye Zablan-Torres and has trained over 29,000 Filipnos as of date.


The club recently held their recognition day for its October to December 2010 term having more than 200 trainees graduating from various courses.  The event was a celebration for the fruits of labor exerted both by the trainees and the ever selfless trainers and volunteers of the club.  Amongst the highlights of the said event was a triple celebration with the recognition day, the club’s Christmas party and their celebration of the club’s 14th year anniversary.  The event was organized by the trainers & students of the PC Assembly Course Batch 14 (Oct – Dec 2010).


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 From Our New MCP    

Dear FCC Family,

I would like to thank all of you for making it possible for me to become an MCP last 09 May 2009. I am so grateful for having the chance to be trained by FCC. They motivated me not only to get a passing score but to attain the highest which is 1000/1000 for the Microsoft 270 Exam.

FCC has been my training ground from Speechcraft, Advanced Excel, Web Design, to Networking.

Special thanks to Ma’am Cherry Pye Torres, Sir Danny Eramiz, Sir Maximo Doce, and of course, Ate Nitz for the guidance and support.

I am so proud to be a member of this wonderful family!


Abigail Cruz

Computer Engineer, MCP
FCC Member


Name: Abigail Cruz

Date: 18 May, 2009


I never thought designing a website could be so easy! This was made possible by a dedicated trainer who has very good teaching techniques by starting from the very basic to what the students need to know on creating their own websites. From basic HTML, to Photoshop, to Flash-made websites! There is no other institution / club in the UAE where I can have a free and high-quality training as what FCC is giving.


Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sir Milo for teaching and influencing me on my web design, networking skills, and developed more of my analytical thinking. He's one of those whom I owe my achievement from (passing the MCP).


 FCC in the NEWS    

 Our Courses    

Know more about our courses:


Introduction to Information Technology

(Who can enroll in this course? - Anyone!)

 - Learn everything you need to get you up and running on a computer


Microsoft Office Applications

 (Basic and advance applications to get you into the office)

 - MS Word

 - MS Excel

 - MS Powerpoint

 - MS Access

(Who Can Enroll in these courses? - Anyone who can use a computer)


- MS Excel Advance

(Who can Enroll in this course? - Anyone who knows basic Excel)


WEB Design Track

 (Be able to design your own website or earn by creating websites for others)

 - Web Design Basic

 - Adobe Photoshop for the Web

(Who can enroll in these courses? - Anyone who can use a computer)



WEB/ Print Design Track

Adobe Illustrator CS

Adobe Illustrator - Advanced

Adobe Photoshop - Advanced

(Be able to design artwork/ Vector Art, take the first step in Graphics design)

(Who can enroll in these courses? - Anyone who can use a computer)

Basic Courses are prerequisites to Advance Courses



PC Hardware Config/ Assy

 - Learn to configure a computer and assemble one

 - Have a guided idea on hardware specifications in case you're buying a pc or a laptop

(Who Can enroll in this course? - Anyone!)


Revised Curiculum!!!

Advance PC Configuration & Home Networking Ver 2.0

 - Learn how to configure your PC's operating system

 - Install applications and optimize your pc's performance

 - Learn the basics of Home Networking and Internet Essentials and more...

 - Learn how you can start your own Internet Cafe business

(Who can enroll in this course? - Anyone who can use a computer)


Network Administration

 - Essentials (Microsoft Certified Professionals Track)

(who can enroll in this course? - Anyone who knows how to install an operating system, Can configure a PC and/ or understands basic peer to peer networking)


 - Infrastructure (Advance - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Track)

(Who can enroll in this course? - Anyone who knows the essentials of Network Administration, should have basic knowledge in setting up a Server-client computer network)


- Introduction to Cisco(Who can enroll in this course? - Anyone who knows the essentials of Network Administration, should have basic knowledge in setting up a computer network)


Personality Development & Language

 - Basic English Course

 - Speechcraft

(Who can enroll in these courses? - Anyone!)




 Updated Schedule    
Inspired by Nina